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Beth Koenig

ILEA Leadership Position:
Immediate Past President
Brass Tacks Events Philadelphia & Director of Events at Schulson Collective

1. What's Your ILEA Story?

My first ISES (before it changed names to ILEA) meeting was in 1999, and I was new to the events industry in Philadelphia.  At that time, I did not understand the importance of this organization or even networking.  I just thought it was a big social hour.  Through the years I continued to go to meetings, not as a member, and just went through the motions.  It wasn't until 2011 when I realized how important this organization was, including becoming a member.  I needed to change my method of gaining new business, developing a solid network, and building long lasting relationships.  I joined ISES in 2012 and got involved, which lead me to Board Positions over the past three years.   Getting involved and becoming a Board Member has really shaped me personally, professionally, and my career overall.  I cannot stress enough the importance of ILEA and the education that is brought to our membership (and even non-members).  ILEA has really changed my professional and personal game!  #myilea

2. Describe your Leadership style in 3 Words. 

Engage, Train, Teach

3. What were you like in High School? 

I played field hockey, part of the swim team, and played the flute in concert band.   I had friends from different parts of my extra curricular activities, and tried to be everybody's friend instead of being part of a clique.

4. What's your biggest piece of advice for those considering joining ILEA? 

Get involved and join a committee!



The Mission of ILEA is to educate, advance and promote the special events industry and its network of professionals along with related industries. Learn more.

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