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Bob Mills

ILEA Leadership Position:
Administrative Adviser
Philly Event Group

1. What is Your ILEA Story? 

I launched the Philly Event Group office on August 25th 2009 and went to my first ILEA (ISES) meeting the very next night. It was a total blast of an August meeting! I got to dunk Veronica Kraft in the dunk tank and President Larry Ott took me by the hand and made sure I got to meet everyone. I immediately decided to join the trade association. From then it was going to meetings and checking things out. Learning about the Special Events Industry and having the ILEA format for developing personal relationships was very successful.  I started volunteering for any thing anyone needed and just kept showing up to be involved. I joined a committee my first year and came onto the board in 2010. I love that the spirit of the ILEA Board is to above all, serve members That is pretty awesome they are all pure volunteer positions!  A significant amount of my sales are directly tied to the relationships formed through ILEA. The super bonus about ILEA is the deep friendships that are simply priceless. Seeing the growth of the Philadelphia Chapter and especially the new and vibrant 2018-19 board is very energizing! To me, the ILEA experience is like family and something I cherish dearly.

2. Describe your Leadership style in 3 Words. 

Involving, Aggressive, Caring

3. Describe your life with Movie Titles. 

Somewhere between Death of a Salesman and a Quentin Tarantino movie

4. If you could choose 1 song to play every time you walk into the office, what would it be? 

Springsteen’s The FEVER


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