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Jessica Claar

ILEA Leadership Position:
Director, Membership

1. What's Your ILEA Story?

I've been in the events industry for over 10 years, but primarily in the higher education setting. As I became more involved in the Philadelphia wedding scene, I knew I needed to break out of only knowing the higher ed world, and learn more about the corporate special events industry. I found ILEA through a google search, did some research, and decided to join in May of 2016. Eager to get involved I emailed the board offering to volunteer for ANYTHING they needed. My first assignment: check-in at 2016 Liberty Awards. I got to meet every.single.person. that walked through the door that night. Everyone was so friendly, so encouraging of my desire to become involved, and really affirmed that ILEA is a supportive network of peers where you can learn and be mentored. Next thing I knew I was running for and had been elected to the board as Director of Membership, and its been a crazy ride ever since. The connections I've made have been useful in my higher ed career, and also my wedding coordination work, and I know that I have a network of people that I can call for advice, assistance, and support.

2. Describe your Leadership style in 3 Words. 


3. If you could choose 1 song to play every time you walk into the office, what would it be? 

Dorothy: Raise Hell

4. What's your biggest piece of advice for those considering joining ILEA?

Don't just come to meetings. Get involved; volunteer; join a committee. You gain from ILEA what you put in, and your experience will be so much more fulfilling when you go beyond the surface. 



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