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Mario Oliveto

ILEA Leadership Position:
Director, Communications
Mario Oliveto Photography

1. What's Your ILEA Story?

I was invited to the 2017 Liberty Awards to support someone who was up for an award. I honestly did not know much about what ILEA was all about. As a growing photographer in the South Jersey marketplace, and always struggling to make the jump into Philadelphia, it was a great accident that I happened to be there. With in minutes, I met several people, each one introducing me to the next. It was such a great atmosphere of people actively looking to make connections, not “clicky” at all. I felt that everytime I met someone new, they were already thinking about who to introduce me to next. As I met more people and started talking about my photography and where my company is, I ran out of cards, I had to start giving out my Instagram info. Joining just seemed like the next step, and weighed the pros and cons for a minute, but I got such a good feeling from that event, it didn’t take much convincing. Then when I found out about sponsoring, and the only thing better than attending a networking event, is doing what I love to do at a networking event. I signed up with no hesitation. After a year of getting know everyone and I was starting to get more and more involved, and the talk of a board position was going around and I was instantly interested. I’m so excited to hopefully becoming a part of future ILEA members “ILEA Story”.

2 . What are you most Passionate about?

Photography. It is pretty much all I do whether the day is personal or work related I have a camera in my hands.

3. Describe your Leadership style in 3 Words.

Inspire. Trust. Respect.

4. What were you like in High School?

The silent artist. I won “most artistic” in that year book contest, but honestly, I ran practically unopposed. I had incredibly long hair, a pierced lip, and I made up reasons to skip classes to get back in to the art room. I grew up in an incredibly rural town in south jersey, so in their world of art, I was considered kind of eccentric.


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