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Sarah Anello

ILEA Leadership Position:
President Elect
Center City District Parks

1. What is Your ILEA Story?

I began attending ILEA meetings because they were on Wednesday nights and fit into my schedule better than any other night.  When Sarah Mainhart was President she asked me to join the board.  I wanted to get more involved and my job was open to me making the commitment, that was 4 years ago and it has been worth every minute of the time and energy – I love it.

2. What are you most Passionate about?

My three daughters!  They used to go to their father’s house on Wednesday night which is why that night worked so well for me.
3. Describe your Leadership style in 3 Words. 

Democratic, participative, creative!
4. What were you like in High School? 

I was friends with everyone.  The nerds (I was in AP courses), the band geeks (I played saxophone), the athletes (I ran track), the upper classmen and younger classmen, the popular kids and the introverts. If I was not out with one group of friends I was out with another.  It drove my Mom nuts – I always tied up the phone line (pre-cell phone, pre-call waiting), and I was never home!


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