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Victoria Lehew

ILEA Leadership Position:
Director, Education and Programs
Brulee Catering

1. What is Your ILEA Story?

I joined ILEA's New Orleans Chapter in August of 2014 after starting my first catering job and wanting to get more involved in the events industry. I quickly joined a committee and soon after was swept onto their Board as Director of Communications 2015-2016 and Vice President of Communications 2016-2017. Through this chapter I was able to meet some of the greatest event professionals in New Orleans and produce some of the coolest events in the city. During ILEA Live of 2015 in New Orleans, I met my current boyfriend during an opening night reception. We were able to hang out during the whole conference and after he came back to his home chapter in Philadelphia, we stayed in touch. We started long-distance dating and after a year and a half of many flights, FaceTimes, phone calls, and long drives, I left my home in the South and moved to Philadelphia at the end of May in 2017. Because of ILEA - I was able to secure a job before the big move, make a ton of friends in an entirely new city, and get involved in an ever flourishing industry. I now work for one of the biggest and best catering companies in the city and I'm loving life with the love of my life. 

2. What are you most Passionate about?

I am passionate about food! I love cooking old and new recipes, especially my favorite southern dishes. I'm a big Premier League Soccer fan and I play on a co-ed recreational league. I love bringing people together to eat and drink and talk about what they love the most. I'm passionate about being a New Orleanian, wherever I am.

3. If you could choose 1 song to play every time you walk into the office, what would it be?

Feeling Good - Michael Buble 

4. What is your biggest piece of advice for those considering joining ILEA?

Take the time to get involved. Invest in yourself and you will get out what you put in. Don't be afraid to join a committee, because it will be the best way to meet new people and explore new ways to increase your business. I've made connections that are going to last me a lifetime and I attribute that to getting involved. 


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