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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 11:45pm

2017 Liberty Awards Categories:

Best Catered Event

Best Culinary Innovation Best Entertainment Production

Best Event Design/Décor

Best Event for a Corporate Organization

Best Event for a Non-Profit Organization

Best Event Logistics and Support Service

Best Event Photography/Videography

Best Meeting/Conference Program

Best Social Event (Non-Wedding)

Best Wedding Event

Best ILEA Team Effort

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It is with great pleasure that 2016-2017 ILEA Philadelphia Board of Directors re-introduces the Liberty Awards at the 2017 Liberty Gala to be held on June 27th. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize the creative talents and innovations in the special event industry produced by ILEA members who reside in our region.
This year, we have modeled our awards after the ILEA Esprit Awards with one notable difference—we offer five categories rather than 36. We strongly encourage all applicants who submit for a Liberty Award to also submit for an ILEA Esprit Award for a chance to be recognized by the global events industry.

In addition, all joint and team applications will be automatically entered for a chance to win “Best ILEA Team Collaboration” without paying an additional application fee or submitting additional entries.

All submissions for the 2017 Liberty Awards are due by June 7, 2017. Events eligible for submission must have taken place between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016, and all applicants must be current ILEA members in good standing. All ILEA members, regardless of chapter affiliation, are eligible to apply.

Submissions will be judged by another ILEA chapter outside of the Northeast Region. Though submissions will be initially submitted to ILEA Greater Philadelphia, the local chapter will not be responsible for judging in any capacity. Company and individual names will be redacted before sending to the chapter responsible for judging.

Types of Entries
Single Entry: All categories are open to ILEA members submitting for a single entry. An ILEA member submitting a single entry is required to pay a $50 application fee.
Team Entry: An entry type where two or more ILEA members have collaborated to produce an event. An application fee of $50 per application will be assessed. One trophy per application will be awarded, but additional personalized trophies may be purchased after the gala for a fee of $85 each.
All team entries are automatically eligible to win for the category of “Best ILEA Team Collaboration.” No additional application fee or submission is required. Judges will assess entries based on all applications in all categories for this category.

All payments must be submitted via credit card through the application link in order to be considered. The application fee is separate from the Liberty Gala


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